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Efrat Gez

Efrat (Effi) Gez Tencer was born and raised in Israel and is fluent in Hebrew. Effi is a mom to three boys and currently teaches Hebrew at Heschel for early education. While there she gained training in two Hebrew curriculums; Hebrew in movement and Milk and Honey.  Prior to Heschel, Effi worked at Camp Ramah with elementary students in Sha’ar, a Hebrew immersive program. Privately, Effi worked under Morah Jessie guidance, where she taught a personal curriculum developed by Morah Jessie.Effi is passionate about teaching Hebrew as a form of passing tradition, connection and sense of community. She believes that learning Hebrew should be fun and playful and should always have the child in the center of this learning journey. Effi graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Miami and worked toward her MS in sustainable management from Columbia University.

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