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Jamie Mittleman

Jamie Mittleman is an actor, writer, and singer currently living in New York. When Jamie is not working on an acting or writing project, she can be found performing with her a cappella group, “Cadence.” Jamie's love of Judaism began when she was entering her freshman year of High School. Although Jamie was hesitant at the time, her parents insisted that she attend Encampment, a week-long Jewish camp run by United Synagogue Youth. Jamie is eternally grateful to her parents for that push because it was that push that opened her eyes to an inspirational world of community, spirituality, education, and social action. Jamie received a Bachelor's degree in Jewish Education from Binghamton University, and studied both Hebrew and Judaic Studies at the Pardes Institute and Hebrew University in Israel. Additionally, Jamie continues to discover exciting ways to connect with Judaism every summer at Camp Ramah in Nyack. Jamie is currently running student life at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, NJ. Jamie loves to infuse all of her lessons with creativity to help teens connect to Judaism in a way that is both fun and meaningful. 

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