Eliana Rohrig


My name is Eliana Rohrig and I graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in History and Judaic Studies. I grew up in Riverdale, NY and spent five summers as counselor, division head and Jewish educator. At camp, I started my own Jewish leadership and learning nightly initiative for counselors in camp called the "Nyack Beit Midrash." A big part of my Jewish identity includes the formative experiences I've had in Israel. Before college I took a gap year and lived in Jerusalem studying Torah. I loved my time in Israel so much and knew that after college I wanted to work in Jewish Education, so I looked for ways to return. During my Junior Year of College, I studied on the Nachshon Project, a fellowship for college students interested in going into Jewish Education/Non Profit Professions. Currently, I am working at the Program Coordinator at Onward Israel. Onward Israel is a non-profit that brings 2,500 Jewish college students to Intern in Israel each summer. My work at Onward combines my love for Israel, creating experimental Jewish learning spaces, and passion for providing Jewish students abroad experiences where they can explore their identities in both an intentional and fun way!