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Our Story

Morah Jessie sitting with her students

Jessie Langer Schreiber entered the world of Jewish education by teaching Sunday School at Westchester Jewish Center. After graduating, Jessie joined the Creative Playschool on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she met her first students. They were seeking a nontraditional Jewish education, with plans to attend an independent preparatory school. As so many of their peers, the idea of spending multiple afternoons in a stuffy classroom, listening to uninspiring lessons on topics they cared little about, sounded unappealing. Jessie began to develop an individualized curriculum, and Morah Jessie Tutors was born.


Seven years later, those students will soon graduate from Hebrew in the Home, and cannot wait to begin the Bar and Bat Mitzvah program. Jessie has since earned a Masters of Science in Education, while expanding Morah Jessie Tutors to over 30 students in one-on-one and small group sessions. She now leads a team of tutors that each bring a unique perspective and set of skills to Jewish education. 


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